Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gothic Glam

This dress from Alexander McQueen is stunning. The shape and silhouette is simple, but on closer inspection, the design and texture of the piece makes it all the more complex. I love how it's modest as well. It's the soft-spoken sophistication that makes this piece alluring.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Concur

"I’m enamored with minimalism. I think the main reason being that I can be quite direct sometimes. And some might consider that rude. But I’m usually very busy. Minimalism, I think, is the physical embodiment of a mindset that says I don’t have time for the fluff. Life is short and I want to enjoy the most meaningful parts to the fullest. I want to soak up humanity for what it truly is. Minimalism is a lot like that. Cut all the decoration, the superfluous adornment. Admire the beauty in simplicity, in function. Life is much too short to spend it on meaningless decoration."

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Brian Atwood Resort 2012

The colors, the colors. View it in HD, of course.