Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall/Winter 2011

So I know I promised a haul post, but that'll have to wait. I must blog about these beauties first!

Gareth Pugh RTW FW 2011

A SHITLOAD OF AWESOME!!! This is so... galactic. Like Star Wars costumes revamped. Of course, Pugh usually deals with darker tones, but he added a surprising pop of blue to this collection. Totally in love with the whole line.

OFWGKTA x BAPE Winter 2011

The entirety of Odd Future is featured in the BAPE Winter 2011 Collection mook looking pretty fly. Love Tyler. :)

DSQUARED2 RTW Winter 2011 Collection

I have nothing further to say than that this whole collection is fab. Buy/pre-order here!

Coyote Fur Coat

Stone Washed Calf Leather Trousers (love the side detailing)

Biker Dirty Denim Jeans

130mm Laced Boots in Suede (left) and Washed Cotton (right)
(I prefer the army green one...)

160mm Calf Laced Ice Skate Boots
(I'm tempted to go skate in these boots :P)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Need You In My Closet!

Okay, fine. Not need, but DESPERATELY DESIRE. The weather is still triple digits for Texas, but I am already thinking about fall... Yes, that one week of bliss where the temperatures are not too hot but not too cold to wear out a cute outfit with boots, leggings, and a blazer. Yes... and then one week later, the cold front slaps you in the face with its 40-degree ass until February.

Anyways, I wanted to put down some stuff on the blog that I've been thinking about in case I forget them.


I've always wanted a pair of destroyed combat boots like these Ann Demeulemeester ones... Or Rick Owens... You know, because I can afford them all. Ha ha ha... sorry for my broke ass.

Okay, and I know these are men's but aren't they super adorbs? Ah, finding stuff that are my type kills me. I think I have too many dislikes in general.
(Common Projects ankle boots)


Classic. I'm boring so I just want them in white or black. I forget where I found this picture... ahh the bane of google images.


Yes! I mentioned these in the last post too, but omg I really REALLY want a pair of creepers. I obviously cannot afford the Balenciaga ones below, so I was thinking about some TUK ones instead. Yeah? (Btw, these will go so well with my bow ties... but that's for another post.)

(Balenciaga creepers SS 11)

(Joe Casely-Hayford Creepers SS 11)

(TUK creepers)


I want these! Or actually any type of red jeans. I think I also mentioned this specific pair on an earlier post, but man are they sweet. I love hardware... zippers, studs, you name 'em. The Rocco in my blog name is an homage to the Alexander Wang bag that I love... and the hardware is awesome.


In general, I like leggings from House of Holland. They're cute, fit well, and are of good quality. However, I found this super cute pair (below) on a site called Romwe. I've never bought anything from there, but a fellow blogger seemed to have a lot of stuff from that store. You guys should check it out! :)


MMHMM girl needs this to finish off her outfit. Or rather, I feel like this fall/winter, I will be dressed more or less as an androgynous emo-punk person... Hm. Whatever, I like what I like. The second pic is a phone pic I took whilst in the fitting room at BCBG. It was on sale for about $300, but the leather wasn't as buttery as I liked. Meh.

(Balmain I-can-never-afford-you Leather Jacket)

(BCBG Leather Jacket)

I really don't know who reads (or doesn't... *points to my number of followers*) my blog, but my new post shall be on my eBay haul! Exciting! Anticipate it! Okay, don't anticipate it that much... I don't want you guys to be disappointed :P

Sunday, September 18, 2011

OMG Shoes!

There were a few (understated, ha) pairs of shoes from the fall collections that caught my eye, so I thought I would share them with you here.

Let's start off with Alexander Wang, as I am quite partial to him :D

His fall collection... omg are those capes I see? #supermanheels

And as a bonus, sneak peeks from his Resort 2012 collection!

Nicole Brundage's collection reminds me of classy mythology... Hermes anyone?

Weird, but wonderful collection from Prada:

Groovy, girl-power-esque shoes from Ruthie Davis:

And lastly... OXFORD CREEPERS, IS DATYU?! I crave you...
(Sonia Rykiel Fall 2011 Studded Oxford Creepers)

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chain Me Up

So Michael Kors made a huge hit with the chunky gold/rose gold/silver watch collection this past Spring, but now it seems that jewelry-wise, the designer has been fancying chains. I remember wearing a silver chain necklace back in middle school... fashion really does repeat itself. I should hoard everything, pull it out a decade later, and label it vintage! :P

Here is MK's new jewelry collection featuring a multitude of chains:




Buy these here!

Images via michaelkors.com