Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Need You In My Closet!

Okay, fine. Not need, but DESPERATELY DESIRE. The weather is still triple digits for Texas, but I am already thinking about fall... Yes, that one week of bliss where the temperatures are not too hot but not too cold to wear out a cute outfit with boots, leggings, and a blazer. Yes... and then one week later, the cold front slaps you in the face with its 40-degree ass until February.

Anyways, I wanted to put down some stuff on the blog that I've been thinking about in case I forget them.


I've always wanted a pair of destroyed combat boots like these Ann Demeulemeester ones... Or Rick Owens... You know, because I can afford them all. Ha ha ha... sorry for my broke ass.

Okay, and I know these are men's but aren't they super adorbs? Ah, finding stuff that are my type kills me. I think I have too many dislikes in general.
(Common Projects ankle boots)


Classic. I'm boring so I just want them in white or black. I forget where I found this picture... ahh the bane of google images.


Yes! I mentioned these in the last post too, but omg I really REALLY want a pair of creepers. I obviously cannot afford the Balenciaga ones below, so I was thinking about some TUK ones instead. Yeah? (Btw, these will go so well with my bow ties... but that's for another post.)

(Balenciaga creepers SS 11)

(Joe Casely-Hayford Creepers SS 11)

(TUK creepers)


I want these! Or actually any type of red jeans. I think I also mentioned this specific pair on an earlier post, but man are they sweet. I love hardware... zippers, studs, you name 'em. The Rocco in my blog name is an homage to the Alexander Wang bag that I love... and the hardware is awesome.


In general, I like leggings from House of Holland. They're cute, fit well, and are of good quality. However, I found this super cute pair (below) on a site called Romwe. I've never bought anything from there, but a fellow blogger seemed to have a lot of stuff from that store. You guys should check it out! :)


MMHMM girl needs this to finish off her outfit. Or rather, I feel like this fall/winter, I will be dressed more or less as an androgynous emo-punk person... Hm. Whatever, I like what I like. The second pic is a phone pic I took whilst in the fitting room at BCBG. It was on sale for about $300, but the leather wasn't as buttery as I liked. Meh.

(Balmain I-can-never-afford-you Leather Jacket)

(BCBG Leather Jacket)

I really don't know who reads (or doesn't... *points to my number of followers*) my blog, but my new post shall be on my eBay haul! Exciting! Anticipate it! Okay, don't anticipate it that much... I don't want you guys to be disappointed :P

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