Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So I was in Austin a couple weeks ago, and visited a friend of mine who's an up-and-coming photographer. I sheepishly asked him to take some pictures of me... mostly to have some personal pics of outfits (rather than googling images), but it ended up being a testshoot and I must say... I have no talent whatsoever as a model. DONE AND DONE. However, I guess I'll post the only viable picture from the shoot...

Check out Waytao's work here and his flickr stream here.

On another note, my box of Sephora goodies came in the mail last week, and I'll upload pics and reviews of that sometime soon... I've been quite busy with work and yes... I am also blogging during my lunch break, ha! :P

Anyways, here's a peek of this OPI for Sephora nail polish duo I bought:

(Metallic Purple base in Just a Little Dangerous/Silver Overlay in Silver Blasted)

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  1. Love your crackle manicure!