Friday, October 14, 2011

Accessories Haul!

Sorry I've been so MIA! I just started work and now I only have time on the weekends, really. Here is the belated accessories haul post that I was rambling about in the earlier posts.

So I went on a jewelry rampage recently, so I took some pictures of the things I bought in the past month or so. Most of these are from ASOS, although a few are from eBay and Forever21. Gotta keep my wallet happy :)

(Clock wise from bottom left: black & gold bracelet from F21, skull-hand earrings from eBay, Chain Earcuffs from ASOS, Leopard Door Knocker bracelet from ASOS, bow ties from eBay, white/gold earrings from F21, claw ring and pyramid earrings from ASOS, green jade ring from UO, woodland creatures ring set from UO, Stacked Ring from ASOS, jeweled ring from ASOS, and Aquarius ring from BCBG, red & black leopard hair tie from ASOS)

Bling in action and new kicks! Got these YSL leopard loafers off eBay mwahahah. Paired them with black skinny Citizens of Humanity jeggings, and a white lace-back top from Free People.

I just realized you could click on the pictures to the see the actual sizes... god I fail at technology :\

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